Billing Services

Our experienced staff is available to train your business office, medical records, and departmental staff in all aspects of the revenue cycle.

  • From your office managers and clerical staff, to the CEO and CFO, anyone in your organization can benefit from consulting with IHM representatives.
  • We have the latest information from federal and state regulatory agencies and payer-specific guidelines.
  • IHM utilizes industry standard software providers, including: CPSI, APS, Healthland, and E-mds.

Addressing Your Unique Setting & Needs

IHM came of age in the rural areas of Western Texas and the South Plains.  Through the years we have worked closely with healthcare practioners, hospital and clinic administrators, and many other medical professionals, helping them design the most efficient billing and collections systems for their respective enterprise.  As a result, we have recaptured millions in reimbursements for our cutomers, and experienced every imaginable scenario relating to office management in the healthcare industry along the way.

The IHM team is keenly aware of the unique needs and experiences of the healthcare provider, particularly in the rural setting.  In fact, more than 90 percent of our business partnerships are in rural healthcare organizations.

A Look “Under the Hood”

Our customer service representatives have logged thousands of hours with physicians, clinics and hospitals in rural towns and communities, and we have seen how lost reimbursements are, typically, quite significant in rural healthcare facilities.  With this history in mind, we begin by focusing on business office management services, including:

  • First priority consists of auditing Medical Record charts, along with the corresponding account details to identify charges that have not been captured.
  • The next step is to review each department of the facility’s charge master, which contains the prices of all services, goods, and procedures for which a separate charge exists on each patient’s bill. We then make sure the items are set up for all payer classes.
  • Unlike most charge master review companies that make determinations based on Medicare guidelines alone, we properly arrange Medicaid, commercial insurances, and worker’s compensation as well.
  • We also make sure that each charge master item is mapped correctly to the general ledger to ensure accurate cost reporting and financial preparation.
  • Besides charge master maintenance that we do, we also focus on proper billing, and examine the account receivables to determine their age and collection status.  All of these steps are aimed at shortening accounts receivable days out and increasing collection percentages.

Meeting Your Goals and Increasing Your Productivity and Profits

A main area of focus is on staff training and usage of your organization’s accounting system.  Staff training is critical for ongoing success, and a hospital’s usual turnover of staff leads to inadequate knowledge and familiarity regarding your financial software.

Our team works directly with your business office staff, helping members understand the software and to utilize the system’s capabilities with maximum efficiency and accuracy—very specific functions that impact the success of your medical practice.

Here are a Few of Innovative Healthcare Management’s Trade Secrets

  • IHM addresses the specific needs of each insurance biller in order to improve claims processing and denial management processes
  • Emphasize using the Medicare online system and Internet resources for employee ease and productivity
  • IHM Involvement often results in improved and ongoing business office practices and procedures
  • Focus on correcting issues and long-term maintenance to improve business office functions
  • Provide intensive training and follow-up to ensure that problems are corrected and do not occur again over time
  • IHM can assist with employee productivity evaluations and assessments
  • Review payment rates on the top third-party insurance carriers, and provide alerts of lower rates for administrators to negotiate with carriers
  • Evaluate existing billing information to ensure that it is set up correctly, including: NPI numbers, taxonomy codes, and confirmation with providers
  • Pay close attention to accounts receivable aging analysis in order to aggressively work through and collect on all accounts
  • Examine insurance reimbursement reports to identify accounts inappropriately paid or “written off” incorrectly
“Our no stone left unturned method ensures that every effort is made to collect on all accounts and to maximize reimbursements”
- Russell Backus, Partner
Innovative Healthcare Management